ROTI CHALLENGE #Funny Moral Story for kids | Healthy eating | AAYU AND PIHU SHOW

Aayu Pihu playing Aayu Pihu Food is ready, shall I serve it ? What have you made? flat bread & Vegetable Just flat bread & vegetable ? Mom, tell me how many days make a year? 365 You give us flat bread twice a day… We have got bored Yes Make something exciting like – Pizza Like some […]

How to Understand Food Labels and Nutrition & Health Claims: Cardiac College

Reading a food label can sometimes be confusing to read. What should I be looking at? What does this mean for my health? Use the food label to make informed food choices. The food label can provide nutrition information like the Nutrition Facts Panel, Ingredient List and Nutrition &/or Health Claims. Almost all prepackaged foods have nutrition facts. […]

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