3 Worst Drinks for Your Health | Healthy Food

The worst three drinks for your health are caffeinated milkshakes from coffee shops; energy drinks, and sodas. Those caffeinated milkshakes from coffee shops combine an incredibly volatile combination of caffeine, sugar, fat and dairy, all of which make your brain and your body really happy for a few minutes, but over time they add an incredible amount of […]

Diet Vegetable Soup | Healthy Food Recipe | By Deepa Khurana | Ghar Ka Khana Recipes | Best Resipes

welcome to ghar ka khana take a pan and add 1 litter water add 1 medium size potato medium cut add 1/4 cup green peas cover the lid and boil in a medium flame for 5 mins 1/4 cup fine chopped french beans 1/4 cup carrot medium size cut 1/2 cup medium cut cauliflower mix well cover the […]

5 Foods For Glowing Skin – Superfoods | Healthy Food Ideas – Glamrs

Hi guys, Today we’re going to speak about foods that have incredible properties. These are primarily nutrient-based and not only help optimize every girls most treasured assets like her hair and and skin but also work their magic healthwise, keeping you in top condition. Welcome to superfoods. So it turns out our childhood cartoons didn’t exactly lack great […]

21 Healthier Food Choices

eating healthy is one of the most common struggles that people have it can be difficult to always make sure you are making the right choices and to combat cravings education about food and nutrition is the biggest combatant in the fight for healthy eating today we’re going to do just that educate you about food and nutrition […]

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