😂Kami Minnie Mouse Teaches Greg Piggy To Eat Healthy Food(2019) 🤣

Yummi, yummi. Tasty food I feel so good! I feel so good! So tasty Don’t eat this Piggy! Don’t eat! Not healthy food! No-no-no! I love chocolate Eat Dubby, Dubby! It’s tasty! Eat! Eat! No! No! It’s not healthy! No-no-no Piggy! Don’t wanna it this! it’s a not healthy food! I don’t wanna it this cake! There is […]

Portion control for weight loss | Controlling portion sizes – peanut butter

Hi, thanks for watching Neily on Nutrition. I wanted to do this video because I just wrote a blog about portions of foods that we might eat a little bit too much of for example peanut butter and I wanted to show an example of what one tablespoon of peanut butter look like versus two. Now when you’re […]

Healthy Raw Food Breakfast Recipes : Introduction to Raw Food Breakfast Recipes

DENISE BENNETT: Hello! My name is Denise Bennett and I’m here on behalf of Expert Village. We’re going to make some breakfast today! It’s going to not be your typical breakfast. We’re looking for something a lot healthier. What we do is raw food. Looking for things that are good for the body and French toast, eggs, bacon, […]

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