Quarterly Mission Message: Growing A New Appreciation for Healthy Food

RACHEL DOHERTY: You guys are doing a great job pollinating those flowers. That helps get the pollen from one flower to the next, so then we get tomatoes. Look at what happened last time you guys were out here and did this. SPEAKER 1: Rachel Doherty and her students at Mesabi East in Aurora, Minnesota, are enjoying lessons […]

🌱 Growing a small scale Permaculture Garden from scratch 🌱 EASY

This is the garden before Anything has been done to it an entire winter of shit this one looks good Well howdy earth land it’s me garden, boy, and today i hope you’re ready to learn how, to start a Beginners small-scale suburban or urban or rural Vegetarian vegan gluten free steroid hormone antibiotic free Eco-friendly sustainable hippie […]

Small Scale Permaculture Eco Farm in Tropical Paradise

Alright! this is John Kohler, with growingyourgreens.com, we have another exciting episode for you. I’m still on vacation in Hawaii on the big island here and I’m here at sea view, it’s like the far corner of the Puna district. Actually this is one of the least expensive areas of the island to live, because it’s really out […]