The 10 Best Foods To Boost Brain Power and Improve Memory

Brainy Dose Presents: The 10 Best Foods To Boost Brain Power and Improve Memory You know that how you eat can affect your body, but what you put in your mouth also affects your mood, your brain’s energy, your memory, and even your ability to handle stress, complex problems, or simple daily tasks! Though your brain weighs only […]

Why Dogs Eat Poop and How to Stop It (Coprophagia)

Most times, dogs have some habits considered nasty, such as rolling over dirty places, rummaging through the garbage, or drinking water from the toilet. But there is a very common behavior among them, which can make people disgusted: eating their own poop! Ew! Does your dog eat their own feces? What people consider a very disgusting behavior, for […]

The Apple Cure: See How Apples Detox and Treat Many Diseases

Apples have been a synonym of health for a long time. Many people say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This fruit helps control certain diseases, such as diabetes, and improves digestion. It is recommended for those who want to lose weight because it is rich in fiber and has few calories. Besides that, apples […]

7 Food Combinations That Offer Incredible Health Benefits

On our channel, we talk a lot about the benefits that foods can bring to our health. But did you know that some food combinations can be extremely beneficial to our bodies? Combining the right foods can increase the nutrient usage by your body. This is what happens with the very famous pineapple and mint juice. Besides being […]

This Plant Can Replace Meat And Has Many Health Benefits

Many people haven’t heard about it yet. But it is something very common and easy to find in sidewalks, yards, and empty lots. Barbados gooseberry has edible leaves, with high amounts of protein, iron, and other nutrients. From the cactea family, Pereskia aculeata is native from the American continent, and is distributed from the south of the United […]

How To Use Turmeric Correctly Every Day, To Have Amazing Results!

This is one of our favorite roots here in our channel. So much that we have published many videos about it: benefits, recipes, etc. However, we still see many people using turmeric the wrong way in their daily lives. Also known as curcumin, it is an amazing anti-inflammatory. There are many papers and scientific studies which compare turmeric […]

Natural Colon Cleanse Recipe with Honey, Apple, Chia, and Flax Seeds

Having a balanced diet is the best way to be healthy and lose weight. Proof of this possibility is this wonderful combination. The smoothie we’re teaching you about today will provide you with the fibers and nutrients necessary to be healthy and lose that horrible fluid retention. Besides that, we know that in order for the digestive system […]

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