Storm Rips Fruit Tree From Food Forest | And what we did next (2020)

Hello, it’s another windy day here at Byther Farm, but I want to show you what happened in last month’s storms. This is our old plum tree, the first storm, Ciara, sent it toppling a bit and then when storm Dennis came through which was absolutely fierce and we had a mini tornado – and our weather app […]

How to Eat for Mass | Jay Cutler, 4x Mr. Olympia Bodybuilder

[music] [music] Hey, M’iqus. We have salad stuff, right? Okay. I’m gonna have salad with my next meal, I think. The hardest part about me training for a competition and trying to be like the Jay Cutler people know as a bodybuilder, not as, like, just a fitness guy, as a competitive bodybuilder, is the amount of calories […]

Blendtec vs Vitamix ~ Grinding Meat SHOWDOWN & How To!!

Howdy Blender Babes! Howdy y’all! Welcome to a special edition of how to grind meat in your Blendtec or Vitamix Blender! We’re actually going to be doing a little competition to see who can make Alton Brown’s breakfast sausage faster I’m Blender Babe Tarashaun I’m going to be demonstrating with a Blendtec. This is a Blendtec 725 And […]

Best Late Night Food in Downtown NYC with Jonnyshipes

-I’m chilling. Nah. Because I didn’t really eat that much. ♪♪ Mmm, mmm. “Drunk Eats,” lower Manhattan, let’s go, baby! I’m starving! ♪♪ Jonny Shipes on the check-in. Born and raised in New York City, and today is one of the cold days. We are in Lower East Side, about to go eat my fucking favorite food. We’re […]

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