How to Make McDonald’s French Fries at Home | Fast Food Dupes with Claire

(upbeat music) – Oh, there’s fries! We can make a happier meal. (guitar music) Pre 1990 I ate a lot of Happy Meals and the fries that came in those Happy Meals, were cooked in beef tallow——also known as rendered beef fat. This stuff gives fries a crispy exterior, fluffy pillowy insides and a rich decadent flavor. After […]

LIQUID MEAT (how it’s made) AT HOME – Meat that you can DRINK! — Spoon and Paw, #4

We all love meat right? But what if we could drink it as well? But wait! Don’t turn off this video, I’m about to impress you. As it’s said in England: “Lust on meat, but no time to eat?” Of course everybody would like to have a normal meal and nicely set table. But what if we’ll have […]

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