The consequenses of bulk driven food business on small scale farming

My visit to Pery has come to an end! It’s been a fantastic journey. There are a few things I want to share, from the taxi on my way to the airport. When we in Sweden buy brands like Renee Voltaire, Kung Markatta, Risenta products, Urtekram, I’m a big consumer of all these brands. I’ve never thought much […]

Carnival Cruise Food Overview & Menus (4K)

Onion and cheddar caramel cheesecake Mmm it’s good It’s a classic cheesecake. It’s a good cheesecake yeah. The meat turnover? Mmm it’s good. nice and flaky and buttery pastry like croissant and the meat inside is curried has a curry flavor. It’s pretty good. It’s a chocolate pop. chocolate lovers will love these it’s kind of like chocolate […]


G’Day, It’s JD here we are at The Rocks Foodie Market, let’s go check it out! Hello food lovers, in our tour of Sydney we visited The Rocks Foodie Market, The Rocks is located in Sydney Harbour right next to the spectacular Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House and Circular Quay, The Rocks Foodie Market features a variety […]

Amazing Munich Food Tour – German CRISPY PORK LEG and Attractions in Munich, Germany!

Good Morning It’s Mark Wiens it’s another Beautiful day in munich Germany and Today we’re gonna Explore more of munich Eat Some German Food and Visit some of the most famous Attractions Within Munich As Well so stay Tuned is going to be another fantastic day in munich It’s about 9 a.m. Right Now and we’re on our […]

The Best Sunday Roast In London | Best Of The Best

Ju Shardlow: No Sunday in Britain is complete without a full, gravy-covered roast. Mm. Oh, wow, it’s so good. Harry Kersh: Hey guys, it’s Harry and Ju. Ju: And today we are on the hunt for the best roast dinner in London. So, as usual, we’ve trolled through local recommendations, TripAdvisor, and social media to try and find […]

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