[Papa Bee] Oh yeah, you’re gonna want to sit up for this one [Miss Monkey] Why? Is it gonna jump out at me? [Papa] Ooooh [Miss] It’s not alive, right? [Papa] No, it’s not alive. [Mr. Monkey] *Shrieks* *Music* [Papa] Oh! The moment everybody’s been waiting for! I think I’m more excited than the monkeys on this one! […]

Candace Cameron Bure on the Best Trader Joe’s Holiday Treats | Food Fight | Women’s Health

I’m just trying to decide, do I want to try maple butter… feels like a contradiction to me. Hi! I’m Candace Cameron Bure, I’m here with Women’s Health. Today I am going to be taste testing Trader Joe’s Holiday treats. Oh I know I’m gonna like these. English Toffee…that’s actually one of my favorite like candies or treats […]

Keto Starter Kit – Scam? – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet Pat Chat Edition I’m Violet and I’m Pat. we make these videos because Patrick finds lots of interesting things online whether they be articles or podcasts or silly ideas and we like to sit and talk about how these Tito ideas might discourage people from trying Kito […]

Magic Meat Mistakes

(elegant piano music) Meemers Presents: The Bloopers! [S]: Dan’s like, “I used to work with Olympic committees…” [S]: “Now I gotta film this shit.” BEEP [Speaking Japanese] [M]: Oh, and uh– [Ordering oolong tea and thanking waitstaff in Japanese] [M]: You like tea, right? [Speaking Japanese, laughing] [M]: We’re sitting here, and we’re all like this– [M]: CHEEEEEEEERS! […]

People Try Meat Substitutes For The First Time

“Well, I sometimes eat like veggie burgers…” “… like, my mom’s a vegetarian.” “Just… when you wanna punish yourself?” “That doesn’t look natural.” “They smell lovely.” “It looks like somebody dropped it on the ground and it rolled around in dirt.” “You know, you always have to get your fixed sausage of the day.” “Oh, it looks wrong.” […]

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