Ultimate Harry Potter World Food Challenge: Trying All Of The Wizarding World Treats

– So we’re here at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I’m actually smiling so big I’m really excited. We’re in Diagon Alley. (loud roaring) We’re gonna eat our way through the park as one does, so we’re gonna go for thirty iconic Harry Potter items in the course of a day. Should be a magical (bleep) time. […]


Hi guys~ ♡ Today’s Menu: Mushrooms diet coke Seasoning is made with butter, red pepper oil, red pepper powder, oyster sauce, soy sauce, starch syrup, sugar. All mushrooms are blanched. Let’s have Shiitake mushroom first~ it smells so good I can taste the natural flavor of mushroom since I didn’t boil them with the sauce. I put flying […]

ASMR MUKBANG *Salmon and Yellowtail* Sashimi Eating Sound 연어 방어 회 먹방 サーモン cá hồi แซลมอน سمك السالمون

-RealMouth- (Nice to meet you ~) Have a good time today ~ 😄I prepared two kinds of soy sauce and soy sauce! 👍 It looks so delicious?! 😋 It’s really delicious even if you dip it in oil salt 😋. Yellowtail has a different taste and texture for each part! 😲 It melts in one bite and You […]

Ultimate Animal Kingdom Food Challenge: Trying ALL Of The Disney World Treats

– I like Kevin. (Kevin shrieks) Whoa, Jesus Christ! (people laugh) That wasn’t very funny. Hi guys, it’s your favorite childless millennial back in Disney World. Back in Florida. You know how much I love it here. We’re here at Animal Kingdom, today, as you can see. We’re gonna eat our way through the park. Gonna eat something […]

랍스타 통조림? 그리고 참피디표 예거비타 리뷰

Pour about 1/3. Then add Vita 500. Pour 2/3. It’s Jaeger Vita cocktail. *Thirsty Korean TV* I review all~ the Anjus (food eaten with drinks) in the world! Charm PD here from Thirsty Korean TV! Good to see you all! Hello my Creamies! So today! It’s an episode of Curious Charm PD! It’s been such a long time. […]

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