MEAT AND DAIRY CAUSE CANCER – Dr T. Colin Campbell’s “The China Study” | LIVEKINDLY

“The vast majority of people and the public are really quite confused about this topic of nutrition. Which is pretty sad, because now we know that nutrition ought to be the premier biomedical science of the future.” America is suffering from diet-related illnesses. According to the American Cancer Society, men have a 47% risk of developing cancer in […]

3 Foods That Help Prevent Heart Disease | Healthy Food

The 3 groups of foods that help to prevent heart disease are omega-rich foods, phytochemical-rich foods and high-fiber foods. The omega-3-rich foods are things like wild salmon, organic eggs, flax seed, hemp seeds and chia seeds. Omega-3s are really important for reducing overall inflammation throughout your cardiovascular system. The high-fiber foods that you really want to focus on […]

Food as Medicine: Preventing and Treating the Most Common Diseases with Diet

“Food as Medicine: Preventing & Treating the Most Dreaded Diseases with Diet” Good evening. For those of you unfamiliar with my work, every year I read through every issue of every English-language nutrition journal in the world so you don’t have to. [Laughter, applause.] Every year my talks are brand new because every year the science is brand […]

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