Fresh vs Frozen Food

With the advent of freezers, we’re able to keep our food lasting longer than ever before, But is there a difference between fresh and frozen produce in terms of nutrition? Which should you be eating? You instinct may be to shout out “Of course fresh food is better. It’s fresh.” And you may be right. But it’s highly […]

Expert Series – Foods you didn’t know were healthy

Hi everyone, my name’s Lushano and I’m a certified trainer. Do you feel guilty when you’re eating your favorite snack? Well, you might not need to. Here are five foods that you never thought were healthy. Number 1: Cheese. Cheese is a great source of calcium and protein and low-fat cheese like quark is great as it contains […]

NDEP – Healthy Eating with Diabetes

For people living with diabetes and for those trying to prevent Type 2 Diabetes healthy eating is important for controlling blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol. It’s also really critical for losing and maintaining a healthy weight. When you have diabetes, your family members can eat the same food that you’re eating and benefit from it because they […]

What’s In Your Fridge? | Kitchens with Grow Fit | Healthy Food Habits

Hi, this is Mariam Begg, and I’m a health coach I’m here to present another episode of our show, Kitchens with Grow Fit, where we go into people’s houses, sneak into their kitchens, see what’s happening there, what’s the food like? Whether it’s good? Bad? What we can do to make it more nutritious? And today, we are […]

John Kariuki from Slow Food Kenya supports Terra Madre Giovani – We Feed the Planet

Today I am at expo and what is going to be discussed here is the status of food in the future. The most astonishing is that we can’t see the farmers; we can’t see those who are involved in food production. From 3-6th of October, we will bring young people from all over the world to tell the […]

What Is The Best Diet For Singers? Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Hey guys, welcome back again to Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, where the Proof is in the Singing! I’m doing a whole series on answering questions from YouTube, from Facebook, from InstaGramm… All these different social media sources, that I want to do my best to give you my personal experience. I’m not a doctor, however I have a […]

Types of Diets (Omnivore, Vegetarian, Vegan) | The Healthy Food & Diet Propaganda

Hi everyone! This video is going to be about the various types of diet, such as omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, and other diets, as well as the healthy food and diet propaganda. Our diet and the foods we choose to eat say a lot about us and our health. Eating is something we all do as it’s how we […]

Athlete’s Cookbook: Episode 1—Why Lauren Fisher Eats “Baby Food” | Nike

– So, James, what is the difference between Paleo and Keto? – You’re not going to introduce the whole segment? You’re just going to jump into the trivia? Hey, this is Lauren, and we’re doing CrossFit trivia. – Hey, so this is Lauren, and we’re doing CrossFit trivia with James today. – I’m James Davis, and I’m an […]

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