Don’t Be a Menace (4/12) Movie CLIP – Do We Have a Problem? (1996) HD

Oh, that’s my favorite store. Hey. I’m gonna go in here and get me a malt liquor slurpee. Run across the street and get me some barbecue potato chips. Ooh. Can I keep the change ? Hell, no, fool. That’s a ten-dollar food stamp. Better bring me back my change. Cheapskate. Stupid. What’s up now, you pretty punk […]

Gummy Food vs. Real Food Challenge! *EATING GIANT GUMMY SNAKE* Gross Worm Real Food Candy

Sugoiiiii 3… 2… 1… Yooooo!!! It’s a gummy bunny! wait nooooooooo what do you think is under here nooooooo way dude dude what if it jumps out and attacks me bro 3.. (ah) 2… 1… Ohhhhhhh…. ha ha It’s a gummy bunny Thank goodness The little ones oh my gosh Today we are doing another gummy food versus […]

Mixing Every Sour Candy! *WORLDS SOUREST GIANT GUMMY* Learn How To Make DIY Food Prank Challenge

– [Both] High five! – Oh my gosh. Would you challenge us to mix together every single sour candy into the largest giant sour gummy bear of all time, but there’s a twist. So, right now let’s go. All right, Devan, so with your eyes closed, you gotta guess what this is. Oh my gosh. – Oh, okay. […]