Science of Soil: Finding Your Place on the Scale

(upbeat classical music) Logarithms. The word itself has a magnitude that has caused even the most decorated veterans of soil studies to break down and weep. Don’t worry, their fine now. In reality, there’s nothing to fear about logs. We must simply learn to understand them. Soil science uses the logarithmic scale to predict how much water is […]

Economy Counting Scale Calibration

ULINE Economy Counting Scales are pre-calibrated when you receive them, however, you may need to recalibrate them if they’ve become inaccurate. It is also recommended that you calibrate your scale at least once every year. Precision calibration weights must be used to properly calibrate the scale. Calibration weight must be at least 1/3 of the scales capacity and […]

Nextleaf Solutions Ltd (CNSX:OILS) CEO Discusses Industrial Scale Refined Distillate Extraction

[Intro music] Narrator: Nextleaf Solutions Ltd is an extraction technology company that has developed a portfolio of issued and pending patents for producing purified cannabinoid distillate, a tasteless, odorless cannabis concentrate. Nextleaf has completed construction of its dedicated extraction and processing facility in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, which also includes research laboratory infrastructure. Nextleaf Solutions Ltd has 96 […]

Rice Lake SURVIVOR Truck Scales Sales Video

Rice Lake Weighing Systems designs and manufacturers SURVIVOR truck scales, the toughest truck scale on earth. As North America’s most popular truck scale brand, SURVIVOR scales are known for their superior construction, built with 100% North American steel and the finest craftsmanship anywhere. SURVIVOR scales are made to deliver dependable accurate weighments for a generation and beyond. Just […]

Doran 7000XL and 8000XL Stainless Steel Scale

you know the direct and seven thousand XL stainless steel scale has always been excellent scale in the toughest environments from a simple dough scale to a sophisticated data collection device connected to a computer network the seven thousand XL is adaptable to fit your specific needs let’s take a closer look at this stainless steel wash down […]

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