Joris Lohman (Slow Food Youth Network) – Terra Madre Giovani – We Feed the Planet

Over the last couple of years, Slow food and the Slow Food Youth Network have been building a global grassroots movement of young chefs, farmers, fishermen and food professionals that are actively shaping the future food and farming. This year, the World Expo will be held in Milan. The World Expo has always been the place where the […]


Hello folks welcome to my virgin kitchen today we are doing another mini food it is the turn of a mini grilled cheese you know the mini foods where we scale down it is the opposite of giant foods because some people on the giant foods are like oh there is so much food wastage or you are […]

Incredibly Abundant Permaculture Garden in the City | The Plummery

Humans have always connected to their landscape through food. One of the things that’s so concerning about the state that we’re in at the moment is so many people are losing that connection to the land. So The Plummery has been an experiment in how can we regain that connection to food in the city? Is it possible […]

Roba Bulga Jilo supports Terra Madre Giovani – We Feed the Planet

We Feed the Planet! Nutu Addunyaa tana Soora! There will be a very big gathering which involves hundreds of youth who are small scale producers This Gathering will take place from 3rd – 6th of October In Milan. There will be farmers, fishers and herders who are the real producers of good food. These producers need your support […]

Does Penis Size Matter?

As the saying goes ‘It’s not the size that counts, it’s how you use it’ – but does this long standing phrase ring true in the hugely debated topic of penis size? Does your member actually make a difference in attractiveness or ability to pleasure your partner? Interestingly, humans have the largest penis of any primate, both in […]

Small Scale Permaculture Eco Farm in Tropical Paradise

Alright! this is John Kohler, with, we have another exciting episode for you. I’m still on vacation in Hawaii on the big island here and I’m here at sea view, it’s like the far corner of the Puna district. Actually this is one of the least expensive areas of the island to live, because it’s really out […]