ULTIMATE Cajun / Creole Food Tour of New Orleans | 6 POUND Crawfish Boil!

You guys ready for this? Now I’m in New Orleans Right now I’m in New Orleans. I’ve been here once before. Never went food exploring, never went on a ‘ghost run’ I feel like I haven’t even been here What’s wrong me. But today we’re gonna change all that, food adventure, New Orleans edition. Right now breakfast sandwich, […]

Munchies: Anthony Bourdain

ANTHONY BOURDAIN: I was in Bangkok, and I try to get on the elevator on the 15th floor. The doors open. There’s Steven Seagal in a little Nancy Kwan outfit with a prayer rug holding his massive girth and 2 bodyguards. It was like, next elevator. It’s like, what the fuck? Is it direct-to-video, motherfucker? I can’t take […]

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