High Protein Plant-based Food Ingredient | Curtinnovation Awards 2019

The market for vegetarian, vegan and allergy free food products is growing rapidly and is creating global demand for new, cost-effective ingredients derived from plant protein. These ingredients are used to texturise foods to give a positive sensory experience to products such as vegan meats and dairy equivalents, and gluten-free pasta. Curtin researchers have developed a novel technique […]

Wellness Week features “Healthy Food Fear Factor”

[music] >>Monica We wanted to in the beginning of the year kind of introduce the students to what it means to be healthy. We started off on Monday by introducing our herb garden. We’re going to harvest the herbs basil, rosemary and cilantro to be used at our pizza station. >>Nutritionist We’re having a healthy food fear factor […]

Alicia Silverstone Would Never Eat Meat. As If! | Fridge Tours | Women’s Health

Well I think people are scared of tofu for many different reasons. People think that there’s too much estrogen; they think it’s going to have men grow boobies and things like that, which is ridiculous. Hey, you guys are here to see my fridge? There it is! Most of what’s in my fridge is to feed my son, […]

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