Healthy Eating Tips : Healthy Eating & Vegetables

Well okay let’s talk about another natural food group. And that being the vegetable food group. Remember I suggested three to five servings a day. I would also suggest you shoot for the upper number. Five servings a day. We know from population studies that have that generous amounts of vegetables and fruits in their diet, they enjoy […]

Are Frozen Veggies Less Healthy? – Food Myths #2

Food Myths #2: Frozen veggies are less nutritious than fresh veggies. Some say Frozen veggies are less nutritious than fresh ones. So let’s take a walk through the wild and wonderful world of flash freezing. First of all, when vegetables are chosen for freezing, they’re picked at the peak of their ripeness, which is also the peak of […]

Nutrient Recovery Woodchip Biofilter | Biofiltres de copeaux de bois

Hi, I’m Wayne Brown. Greenhouse Floriculture Specialist with the Ontario government. Today, in this video, we’re going to look at management of post-production water using a woodchip biofilter. Woodchip biofilters remove nitrogen and phosphorus in recycled irrigation water through filtration and microbial activity. The water treated through this system can be reused in the greenhouse or discharged as […]

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