[healthy food/다이어트 레시피] 무반죽 통밀빵 / 100%통밀빵 만들기 / No Knead bread / Whole wheat bread

Today I’m going to make whole wheat bread that bread lovers on a diet will love but actually it’s really delicious! It’s also very rare to find 100% whole wheat bread No need to make dough so it’s easy to make. I’ve already prepared half of the ingredients. Now just add to a bowl. salt is for seasoning […]

What do russians eat? Russian breakfast! Nutritious and healthy food!

My breakfast! In general, breakfast for the weekend and not only! Oat flakes Several kinds of nuts Fried beans Raisins Sunflower seeds A little sugar and salt This is very tasty food! Pour boiling water Wait 5 minutes Eat less fatty foods Thank you for watching! Bye! Do not forget to subscribe to the channel and click on […]

Celery is a male herb. Culinary Recipe – Celery Root. For man.

Today: Celery root with buckwheat. What do you need? Pan, Buckwheat – 5 tablespoons. Celery 250 grams, knife, spoon, cutting board. Water 1 cup. I put a ladle to heat the water. In the meantime, I wash the cereals. I fill the groats with water. And prepare the celery. I cut the celery root finely. Now prepared 250 […]

Sub) Rice In A Pressure Cooker : Korean Food Easy Recipes : 압력솥으로 밥 짓기 – Cooking 1101

Prepare the pressure cooker 500g rice And sieve Pour rice in it Add water to soak the rice Rub gently Lift the sieve and rinse with running water Drain the water Put in a rice cooker Rinse again in purified water Fill the rice cooker up to 1/3 of the scale Use wrist technique to clean up the […]

Fish Scale Remover: Water De-scaler 800 | Uni-Food Technic A/S

Obtain bacteria-free fish before processing with the Uni Food Technic Descaler 800. The descaler uses water to remove scales from the fish, this creates the most Efficient descaling result as the fish meat is not damaged. The machine is produced with our hygiene design which makes it easy to clean and to a large extent Prevents the bacteria […]

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