Celery is a male herb. Culinary Recipe – Celery Root. For man.

Today: Celery root with buckwheat. What do you need? Pan, Buckwheat – 5 tablespoons. Celery 250 grams, knife, spoon, cutting board. Water 1 cup. I put a ladle to heat the water. In the meantime, I wash the cereals. I fill the groats with water. And prepare the celery. I cut the celery root finely. Now prepared 250 […]

Sub) Rice In A Pressure Cooker : Korean Food Easy Recipes : 압력솥으로 밥 짓기 – Cooking 1101

Prepare the pressure cooker 500g rice And sieve Pour rice in it Add water to soak the rice Rub gently Lift the sieve and rinse with running water Drain the water Put in a rice cooker Rinse again in purified water Fill the rice cooker up to 1/3 of the scale Use wrist technique to clean up the […]

Fish Scale Remover: Water De-scaler 800 | Uni-Food Technic A/S

Obtain bacteria-free fish before processing with the Uni Food Technic Descaler 800. The descaler uses water to remove scales from the fish, this creates the most Efficient descaling result as the fish meat is not damaged. The machine is produced with our hygiene design which makes it easy to clean and to a large extent Prevents the bacteria […]

물에서 잘 발달한 뿌리가 흙에 심으면 죽는다고요? :: 물꽂이하는 방법

Today I will explain how to mulkkoji. There are some people who think that Mulkkoji is just a plant that will be cut. If you plant well-developed roots in the soil, you will have many experiences of dying. After a while, it will be cold and the flower bed will be depressed, leaving a video for recording. Pomegranate […]

Healthy Eating Tips : Healthy Eating & Vegetables

Well okay let’s talk about another natural food group. And that being the vegetable food group. Remember I suggested three to five servings a day. I would also suggest you shoot for the upper number. Five servings a day. We know from population studies that have that generous amounts of vegetables and fruits in their diet, they enjoy […]

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