First Time Parents Use Nokia Body Scale To Track Healthy Baby Weight

Weight is an important health factor no matter what phase of life you’re going through I’m 35 weeks pregnant today, and it’s our first It’s really important for us to be healthy and active with a child on the way Incorporating the Nokia Body scale into our daily routine just felt very effortless It recognizes the user and […]

3 Worst Drinks for Your Health | Healthy Food

The worst three drinks for your health are caffeinated milkshakes from coffee shops; energy drinks, and sodas. Those caffeinated milkshakes from coffee shops combine an incredibly volatile combination of caffeine, sugar, fat and dairy, all of which make your brain and your body really happy for a few minutes, but over time they add an incredible amount of […]

Best Diet for Diabetes | 8 Tips To Treat Diabetes | Best Diet Tips | 2018

what’s the best diet for diabetes whether you wish to prevent or control existing diabetes your nutritional needs are the same as everyone else but do pay attention to some of your food habits and lifestyle choices first body weight keep your body weight under control it’s encouraging to know that you only have to lose seven percent […]

Healthy Alternatives to Sodium for Better Heart Health

Hi I’m Ursula Ridens, registered dietitian at Sharp HealthCare. Today we are talking about how to improve your heart health with a low sodium diet. The American Heart Association recommends 1,500 milligrams of sodium or less per day. A high sodium diet contributes to high blood pressure, clogging up the arteries and plaque build-up. Just one teaspoon of […]

Learn Fruits and Vegetables for Kids | Healthy Habits for Children | Healthy Food for Babies

– Hey everyone. I hope you’re feeling energized today! I have a very unique episode for you. It’s all about healthy eating. It’s important what we be put into our bodies to help us grow. So today, we’re going to be learning about some interesting fruits and vegetables, and some other superfoods that are really good for you. […]

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