Hey guys! Welcome back 😀 MyungRang Mozzarella Corn Dog McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets Jack in the Box Onion Rings and KFC Extra Crispy Fried Chicken LET’S EAT!! First bite of the Mozzarella Corn Dog is yours 🙂 First Chicken Nugget is all yours 😀 Would you like an Onion Ring? First bite 🙂 Thanks for watching!

Did the participants really lose weight?? (result) [Happy Together/2020.03.05]

Since this was an experiment, we should check the results. We’ll now see how you all did. We constantly mentioned this during the last episode, but your goal was to pick up sustainable habits and lose 4kg of body fat. That was your goal. You had your blood drawn too and you have the results in front of […]

Khapli Dosa Recipe – Healthy Recipes For Weight Loss – Diabetic Diet Recipes | Skinny Recipes

hey guys! I am Nisa Homey and welcome back to my channel today I’m sharing a quick and instant khapli wheat dosa recipe this khapli wheat dosa is a quick and easy and instant dosa recipe which you can make in just under 10 minutes. for those who are new to khapli. Khapli wheat is an ancient variety […]

Korean Cooks & Tries Filipino food – Bicol Express.. Samgyupsal with coconut milk ? what ?

Smells so good ! Today, I will try Bicol Express. Bicol is a place name where the volcano ‘Mayon’ is in the Philippines. ‘Express’ is like a ‘train’. I asked my wife about the actual meaning of ‘Bicol Express’. ‘Bicol’ area is famous for their own food style (recipe). Maybe they enjoy spicy food a lot. Bicol express […]

Mexican Omelet in Indian Style | Healthy food | quick food | 5-minute food #MexicanOmlet #recipe

Nutrition Facts Serving Size: 1 large Amount Per Serving Calories from Fat 72Calories 103 Total Fat 8g Saturated Fat 2.217g Polyunsaturated Fat 1.513g Monounsaturated Fat 3.274g Cholesterol 209mg Sodium 234mg Potassium 80mg Total Carbohydrate 0.85g 0% Dietary Fiber 0g 0% Sugars 0.85g Protein 6.48g Vitamin A 7% Vitamin C 0% Calcium 4% Iron 5% Spinach/Palak 1-cup Oil 2-tsp […]

[요리먹방]매콤한 콩나물불고기와 시원한 바지락콩나물국 먹방.(봄동겉절이) Spicy bulgogi cooking Mukbangㅣ辛い焼肉ㅣMukbang eating showㅣ콩불

It’s done. Hello, mom and daughter. Subscribe and like alarm comments I beg you. Today, we have a host bulgogi with bean sprout. What is this? Bomdong! / Yes, it’s fresh kimchi. Today~/ I’ll enjoy the food. / Yeah. I’ll make you soup. Do you know why I laughed? / Why? /You talk a little bit. a slight […]

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