The Fixies ★ The Scale Plus More Full Episodes ★ Fixies English | Cartoon For Kids

The Fixies ★ The Scale Plus More Full Episodes ★ Fixies English | Cartoon For Kids

Can you believe that Fixies are
Such itty-bitty creatures? Even when they’re magnified
It’s hard to see their features. They’re tiny, infinitesimal,
So small it makes you doubt. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Scale Chewsocka! That’s enough already! But what if it’s something important? Come on, she’s just a dog! They say that cats and dogs
have a sixth sense that we don’t have. What’s that? Well, they feel all sorts of things
that we humans don’t! I better let her in. “Mom and I will be home before dinner.” “Please remember to give Chewsocka her food.” “Love, Dad.” How could I have forgotten this.
I just can’t believe it! You believe in a sixth sense now, don’t you! Uh-huh! Only it looks like for Chewsocka
it’s a sense of hunger! How much food should I give her? Look, it’s all written on that chart. For each kilogram of the dog’s weight serve one leveled scoop at every feeding. I got it. How many scoops is Chewsocka? Oops! I mean how many kilograms? I don’t know! Then what should we do? You don’t know? We’ll weigh Chewsocka,
that’s what we’ll do! With what? With a scale! There’s one standing in your dad’s office. You’re right! Let’s go. I was wondering, does it bother your mom that only your dad
has his own office, and not her? No. Mom says she’s got her own office. It’s called the kitchen. Hey look! There’s the scale. Did you know that humans
have had scales like this for more than seven thousand years? If we want to find out
how much something weighs, we need to compare it with something
that we already know the weight of. Let’s say you need to weigh a watermelon. You put it on the scale’s pan
and it drops down. Now you keep adding weights to the other side
until the two sides balance. Well, this one is too heavy. But this one is just right. Since the weight is 10 kilograms, it means that the watermelon weighs 10 kilos. And that’s just how simply a scale works. Well, should we start? Chewsocka! Right, like she’s going to come running! How are you going to get her
away from that bag? I know how to get her! Here! Hold this little piece of food
while I weigh her! This maybe little, but it’s way too heavy! Just hang on! Please, hurry up! Come on! Hurry up! Done. Her weight is two kilograms. OK, now we can feed Chewsocka. Chewsocka weighs two kilograms, so two cups will be just right then. Do you think that you can feed
your pets any kind of food at all? Oh no! For them to be healthy, pets, just like humans,
need to have a nutritious diet. Today, there are special pet foods for birds, fish,
dogs, cats, and all sorts of other pets. These foods are made with everything
your pets need to stay healthy. Like meat, fish, fruits, grains,
vegetables, and vitamins! These kinds of foods
give pets a well-balanced diet. And there’s no need to cook them. They are ready to eat. Just pour them in a bowl
and your dog well be happy. And so will your cat, and your bird, and your fish too! Just be careful not to mix them up! Because what’s good for a fish
isn’t good for a dog! Each animal needs its own special food. Stop! What’s wrong? What’s wrong? You have to take out a piece! She ate one already! Alright. So, that sixth sense,
you still think it’s true, right? What did you bring that for? Oh! Mom is calling! No way! How could she know it would ring? I knew that Chewsocka had it! Hello! It was the sixth sense, wasn’t it? Fixies have a special sign
I happened to discover: They hold three fingers in the air
And flash it to each other. They send their greetings to you,
They sing them and they shout, But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Mirror Hi there, Tom Thomas! Why has this mirror been standing here
in the hallway for the whole week already? My dad can’t seem to find any time
to hang it on the wall. Are you sure it won’t fall? It hasn’t fallen so far. So Nolik, do I look like Spiderman? Nope. You don’t look like him at all. You can’t climb on walls like Spiderman! Yeah, I’m sure you can do it! I can do it. Just give your chewing gum to me. See that? Like in the movie! Oh, like that’s really hard! Just keep watching. That’s hard! Feast your eyes and see what the only
Spider-fixie in the whole wide world can do! – Catch me!
– I got you! The mirror! Long ago the only way humans could see
their reflection was to look into water. The very first mirrors appeared
about five thousand years ago. They were made out of silver or bronze. Legend has it that
the Greek scientist Archimedes once burned down an entire enemy fleet
with the help of mirrors like these. But humans only became able
to see their reflections well after they started making
mirrors out of glass. And we still use glass mirrors today. But of course mirrors are not only used
for looking at our reflections. They are also used in telescopes
to collect the light of distant stars. And humans also use mirrors
inside of automobile headlights so they will shine even brighter. Just look at all the things
mirrors can do for you! Looks like it didn’t break. Help me lift it so we can lean it
back up on the wall. Tom Thomas! I’ve got no reflection in the mirror! That’s impossible. Because only vampire
can’t see their reflections. Or ghosts. But I’m not in there! So then, I guess… you’ve become a ghost! No, not a ghost! I don’t like them! Hey, what’s all the racket? Did you guys get yourself into trouble again? Simka! Me and Tom Thomas were playing Spiderman, and I… I turned into a ghost
for some reason. Yeah, a ghost! That’s silly. They don’t even exist! Oh, you don’t have any reflection either! Simka! You’re a ghost just like I am! That’s just goofy! Look! Just look, here I am! Well, hi there. But why couldn’t I see myself over here? It’s probably because the mirror
is scratched on the back. Tom Thomas, do you think
you can rotate the mirror? It’s just like I said! Some of the special coating
got scraped off of the back. A mirror is not just a piece of plain glass. Plain glass lets light pass through it, but a mirror reflects light. To turn a piece of glass into a mirror, people spray a special shiny coating
on one of its sides that reflects everything. And then to protect the shiny coating, an extra layer of paint
is put on top of it. But even with that protection,
you still have to handle mirrors carefully, because mirrors can easily
scratch or even break. And do you think that this one
is possible to fix? Yeah, we can do it! It’s a good thing you have
a pack-o-mat with you. I thought we might need it
after you started screaming over here. Don’t tell me you’ve got
paint in there for a mirror! A pack-o-mat’s got everything
you’ll ever need! It’s all ready! My dad’s coming! Tom Thomas? What are you doing here? Checking if you hung it. Yeah, right. I’ll definitely hang that mirror
on the wall soon. Like… tomorrow! Or next week!


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