THE SPICIEST RAMEN in Tokyo at Karashibi Kikanbo – DEVIL LEVEL Japanese Food!

THE SPICIEST RAMEN in Tokyo at Karashibi Kikanbo – DEVIL LEVEL Japanese Food!

Hey, everyone. Hope you’re having a fantastic day! It’s Mark Wiens in Tokyo, Japan. For lunch today, I’m on my way to go eat one of the spiciest, most, like firery bowls of ramen in all of Tokyo and it actually looks like dangerously spicy. It’s so red. I’m a little bit nervous, and I can’t wait to taste it Just arrived at the restaurant. This is the spot right here. Okay! Thank you! Okay, buy your ticket first? Okay What’s cool about this ramen shop is they have both Chili Pepper level and Sichuan Pepper level. So you get none, less, medium, high, and Devil level. You can get Devil level of both the Chili Pepper and Sichuan Pepper. I gotta go Devil level. Come on in. So it’s a vending machine access so you get your ticket And then you give your ticket to them and then you get your bowl of Ramen. I’m gonna go for the Deluxe Deluxe Ramen Yeah, Deluxe Ramen, and gotta go Devil level on everything. And this one Devil Level. Devil Level? Yeah. Devil Level Devel level, take money. 100 more Okay, more. more? Extra. Yeah, extra, both is devil? yes. 200 yen. okay. Actually I had pay 200 extra yen to get the devil level of both sichuan pepper and spice And they’re actually all full of seats right now So we got to wait a little while until there’s some empty seats, and then we’re going to try out this extraordinarily Spicy Ramen in tokyo That was just a few minutes wait and we are now in the restaurant This is kind of a dark dungeon cave feeling restaurant. It has a Devil theme to it as well so it’s black and red, and then there are little devil statues all around. It’s kind of like a Foreshadowing of spicy ramen doom and what’s also cool is that they give you to give you a bib for this ramen oh yes, I have to. I have to use it. how do we tie this thing up? Alright I’m ready to do this I just got my bowl of Ramen and if you order most of the other bowls of noodles and the different levels of spicy they Give you your Ramen in a white Bowl But if you order the devil level they give it to you in a special Black Bowl And this is… it not only looks dangerously spicy, but it’s beautiful They just have like giant chunks of chashu in there, there’s egg There’s corn. There’s green onions, and the spice is literally like just caked up on top of it You can see that that freshly ground sichuan pepper there. You can see the fresh chili powder Wow, it’s just like thick with spice. I gotta just taste that broth first. Look at that, that just looks like solid Lava. Wow, oh yeah, that has some heat to it. That’s like taking a bite of open flame. oh but not only is it spicy, but it’s extremely flavorful and Immediately that sichuan pepper hits me nicely It’s so citrusy you can just smell that incredible aroma of the Sichuan pepper. That was quite a lot of Sichuan pepper on that first bite. I think you need to stir that around There are bean sprouts in here as well. There’s a whole egg, and there’s corn as well Oh that’s flaming hot. On that first bite actually the Chili is not that strong, but the sichuan pepper is incredibly strong That just like tingles all the way down your throat. And it’s almost a little bit difficult to speak actually Okay now for that chunk of pork and it is huge Wow, it’s so fatty and so tender and it has a little bit of a sweetness to it, too Okay, I’m going in for that egg Oh yeah For some reason I was expecting it to be like a fully hard-boiled egg, but definitely not, it has that runny oozy yolk that is amazing and the egg white is Sort of like has that slight rubberiness to it. So far this bowl of ramen, the chili is completely fine But the sichuan pepper is what’s really intense actually my entire mouth and throat and like esophagus is just tingling and numb right now It is an amazing feeling, but that is a lot of sichuan pepper that they put in here But the flavor is just outstanding Just look at that pork again. I love how they just have like a slab of pork in here Oh look at that. That’s just effortless chewing. No no Ying It’s super super hot. Like, it’s so sichuan, that I can barely, like, talk. And you just tried the broth No, the chili is not bad but the sichuan, is what’s really intense. Wow that sichuan pepper. It’s so sensational. I love sichuan pepper so much, but this is like to the point, where you almost can’t control your mouth You know when you eat ramen, it’s customary to slurp the noodles, but I think it would actually be dangerous to slurp these noodles Some of those chilies, some of that sichuan pepper could just go down the wrong pipe, that’s for sure Oh wow, that chashu is just insane though It’s hard to control my mouth right now I’m getting some tears. I’m getting down to the bottom of the noodles. There’s still a giant pork of… I can’t even speak right now. There’s still a giant chunk of pork and half an egg, oh man Got one big chunk, look at the size of that piece of meat and actually this piece of meat, you would think that You need a steak knife to chop it up It’s almost like daunting to look at it like this, but then when you take a bite of it It’s just amazing how it just falls apart in your mouth It just falls apart And even though I can’t feel anything in my mouth. I can feel the tenderness at that pork You gotta keep up your endurance, it’s pretty intense I’m starting to burp sichuan chili Pepper Okay, I’ve reached my final bite Wow. I don’t think I’m gonna lick out this Bowl But I am at the bottom. I can fully see the devils on the side of the Bowl mission accomplished. A tissue is stuck to my cup, and I don’t even mind Arigato Arigato, thank you very much Thank you, that was amazing. I forgot to take off my bib. Arigato, it’s okay. Thank you. Thank you very much, arigato. Oh, I can’t feel my mouth I’m almost a little bit dizzy, partly because it’s such a dark like Dungeon environment and just because of that sichuan chili flavor that’s just like feels like it’s covering my body right now. Oh, man. That was intense. For me, the Chili level, the Devil level Chili was fine I didn’t find it that spicy But what really like got me and what really almost did me, was that sichuan pepper, the devil level sichuan pepper. From your first bite, your throat just goes into like a Like complete tingling sensation like imagine like you’re drinking the most fizzy Soda that you’ve ever had, like ten times strength fizzy soda And it just like tingles throughout your whole insides, and that’s what it’s like But the flavor was amazing, those chunks of chashu were incredible, the actual ramen itself is incredible It’s mind-blowing flavor, so even if you don’t get the devil level I don’t know if I’d recommend the devil level sichuan pepper definitely Probably not, but you go lower levels, the flavor of the Ramen is still incredibly good and Also, shout out to all the whole crew here. They’re all really nice, and very friendly and welcoming And one more thing if you finish your devil level they give you a little mint to eat after you’re done And it has a little, is that a little devil face on it. This is awesome, limited Edition I can’t taste it at all Okay, I’m going to end this video be sure to give it a like, click thumbs up I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below thank you very much for watching this video, and if you’re not already subscribed, click subscribe now for lots more food and travel videos and Goodbye. I’ll see you on the next video


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