Ugly Food Market Pitch

Ugly Food Market Pitch

I’m Anna! And I’m Stephanie! And we are The Ugly Food Market! The Ugly Food market is a physical marketplace, which aims to address both food waste, and food insecurity through the sale of ugly produce. And we’re defining ugly produce as things that are too ripe, that are too large, scratched up, brusied Maybe some wonky or knobby looking fruit or vegetables. And also things that are otherwise not typically thought of as edible, such as carrot fronds. So the problems that we are trying to address are food waste and food insecurity. 40% of food is lost or wasted in the US. And one in eight Americans are food insecure. Food insecure is anyone who is not reaching nutrient or caloric needs. And in the Sacramento region alone 240,000 people are food insecure. Our solution? The Ugly Food Market, a physical marketplace located in the Sacramento region which sells not only ugly fresh produce, but also a line of value-added products, such as breads, soups, sauces, and jams. The Ugly Food Market solves problems for both consumers and the food industry. For consumers, the first kind of consumer, is someone that’s food insecure. We aim to make it more affordable, accessible, and create a more pleasant shopping experience. The other kind of consumer is one that is socially and environmentally aware. This provides them with an option to make a difference with their wallet. For the food industry, the ugly food market helps alleviate the burden of waste. While providing them with positive public relations, and provides us with a product. So how does this work? The first phase will be to open an ugly food soup truck, sourcing local fresh ugly produce and turning it into delicious soups. But that’s just the appetizer. Eventually we will establish ourselves as a physical marketplace, to sell all of this fresh produce and also the prepared goods, like the soups. And eventually we will implement the educational programs, and our e-commerce store. Teaching consumers how to utilize this produce at home, and reduce at-home food waste. Help us open the Ugly Food Market, and serve our community with Ugly Food!


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  • Samuel Sandoval Solis says:

    Excellent project, and so glad that it won the competition!!! Great way to reduce food waste! Perfectly edible food that can be utilized!! Go Anna, Go Stephanie, Go Aggies!!!

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