Vegan Caramelized “Fish Sauce” (Kho Quẹt Chay) Healthy Food Tran Le US

Hello everyone,I’m Tran Le US Vegan Caramelized Fis Sauce is Kho Quet in Vietmese. It’s flavorful sweet,salty and spicy 1 cup Basmati brown rice (185g) rinse the rice place the rice in rice ooker turn the rice cooker on 300g button mushrooms 1 tsp salt 100g king oyster mushroom okra 1 tbsp salt soak in water about 5 minutes,rinse cauliflower bok choy 5g garlic 1 chili 1 cup vegan fish sauce(254ml) 1/4 cup brown sugar(50g) bring the water to boil and 1 tsp salt ice water keep vegetables green after cooking in small clay pot,add 1 tbsp oil add minced garlic add mix vegan sauce bring to boil about 10 to 15 minutes add 1 to 2 ground black pepper Serve sauce in clay pot with boiled vegetables It is sweet,salty and quite spicy If you looking for a flavorful dipping sauce Plus,It’s thick enough to coat Let me know in the comments . If you try this recipe Thanks for watching,see you next upload


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