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– The Impossible Burger
and the Beyond Burger are the first vegan
burger patties said to mimic the actual
taste and texture of meat, and they’ve gotten
insanely popular since they first broke out
on the… music scene? No! Their album sucks! Veggie burgers, garden
burgers, vegan burgers, we’ve had multiple
meat-free options for beef burger
substitutes for years. But until now, we’ve never
had any that actually bleed. The Impossible Burger
and the Beyond Burger are the first vegan
burger patties said to mimic the actual
taste and texture of meat, and they’ve gotten
insanely popular since they first broke
out on the food scene. So, what’s in them? What makes them bleed
and most importantly, what do they taste like? Well, Beyond Burger is mainly
pea protein, coconut oil, yeast, potato starch,
and it’s beet juice that gives it its bloody color. Impossible Burger’s mock meat
is made of wheat protein, coconut oil, potato
protein, and heme. So what’s heme? Well, I don’t know,
but the internet says that it’s an iron
containing compound of the porphyrin
class that forms the non-protein
part of hemoglobin and some other
biological molecules. Mm, delicious. Impossible Burger says
it’s exceptionally abundant in animal muscle and it’s
a basic building block of life in all organisms,
including plants. Heme is what gives the patty
a beef-like smell and texture. So, when we crave meat,
we’re actually craving heme, and the Impossible
Burger has it. Maybe it’s a little weird to picture our burger patties
being made by scientists in lab coats, but hey, maybe
it feels a little bit better than thinking about
our burger patties being made with living flesh in unethical,
overcrowded factory farms that are destroying the earth. I mean, I don’t know, you pick. Or, maybe we don’t need the heme. Beyond Burger claims
to achieve a delicious, savory, meaty flavor and texture without genetically
modified heme. We really should get
to the bottom of this. So here today we have
the Impossible Burger and the Beyond Burger back
to back, head to head. I’m gonna tell you exactly how I really feel,
let’s taste them. Number one, the
Impossible Burger. It looks like beef. It looks like a little
bit flakier than beef, but it definitely looks like
a beef patty, which is weird. Same color, almost
the same texture. OK, let’s try it. It’s good. Look, it’s pink in the middle. That looks like a medium
or a medium-rare burger. I feel like maybe
I could be tricked into thinking that this is meat, but maybe that’s just because
of all the burger toppings. Let me try it on it’s own. Yeah, it’s good. It doesn’t taste
too much like one of those weird,
rubbery soy patties. It has a nice texture to it. It really falls apart just
like a burger, which is weird. I’m gonna take another bite. Excuse me. I’m a big fan of veggie burgers that just are made out of
vegetables, ’cause I like vegetables. If I really wanted meat
and I didn’t eat beef, this would be a great option. It’s crazy how much
it looks like beef. That’s so weird that
it’s pink in the middle. It’s good, heme is delicious. I love heme, OK. The Beyond Burger, this
doesn’t look like meat. I don’t know what
that looks like. Yeah, it looks like a cake. It’s a good-looking burger
though, all of it, you know? The whole thing. So this is a little bit pinker. It doesn’t quite look like beef. Almost looks like a slice
of tomato from far away, which is a little bit confusing. Let’s check it out. It’s pretty good. You can tell not eating meat, it kind of has that sort of
vegan protein taste to it. It’s kind of wild though
’cause this one too, when you bite into
it, it’s pink. It almost looks
like you might have to send the burger back. It looks like a rare beef burger, which I like a rare beef burger, but it depends on where you are. If I got a burger
that looked like this at McDonald’s, I
would send it back. It’s tasty, it’s really tasty. It’s good, I’m gonna
have another bite. I am not fooled by these. I can tell that they are
not made out of meat, but having said that,
they’re both delicious. I would eat them again
and when you think about how much better they
are for the environment and how much better they
are for cute little animals, I would definitely eat
them a million other times. So good job Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger,
these are good. I’m Lee Kalpakis and
this is “Foodcasting.” Don’t forget to subscribe and if you wanna see
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about vegan burgers, you can check out this video
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