Wantan Soup with Meat and Prawn Filling | Wantan Soup | 馄饨 | 云吞 | 抄手 | 清汤 [Nyonya Cooking]

Wantan Soup with Meat and Prawn Filling | Wantan Soup | 馄饨 | 云吞 | 抄手 | 清汤 [Nyonya Cooking]

Hey guys, welcome to Nyonya Cooking! In today’s video, I’m going to teach you how to prepare ‘wantans’ which are basically dumplings filled with pork and also prawns So, we are going to see how to prepare this You may fry them or with soup I’m going to do the soup version So, we’re going to check out the ingredients now To prepare the ‘wantans’, you will need these ingredients I have here some soy sauce, sesame oil, Here, I have also rice wine I’m using ‘shaoxing’ wine, some minced ginger, then, of course minced pork and also minced prawns You should have an equivalent amount I have here about 100 grams of minced pork and also 100 grams of minced prawns Do not forget, for taste, you need a dash of pepper, salt and sugar Those are the ingredients you need for the filling of the ‘wantans’ Of course, for making ‘wantans’, you’ll need ‘wantan’ wraps I got these at the Asian market You may also get them there As I’m preparing soup, you may use chicken or pork as the base of the soup Instead, I’m going to use anchovies So, I’ve put the anchovies which had been grinded into powder into a teabag Off it goes into a pot of boiling water To add more taste to the soup, you might want to add in some spring onions Just use the end/bottom part of the spring onions Throw it into the soup Let it boil It’s going to sit there While it boils, we are going to prepare the filling Put in the minced pork into a bowl and also the minced prawns Do not forget all the other ingredients If you like, you may also add some oyster sauce to give it more taste However, we are just going to leave this as it is Once all the ingredients are mixed well, it’s time to wrap the ‘wantans’ Prepare a small bowl of water Scoop some of the meat mixture Place it right in the middle of the ‘wantan’ wrap Apply some water to the sides of the wrap By doing so, the ‘wantan’ skin will stick Just bring the wrap together Get rid of all the air that is trapped inside the wrap I’ve just finished wrapping the ‘wantans’ I got about 14 pieces of ‘wantans’ It really depends on how large the ‘wantans’ are wrapped You may get about 14 to 16 pieces of ‘wantans’ Then, move them into the soup here Put in one by one This soup had been simmering for about 20 minutes I’m going to put it to medium heat and just let them cook The ‘wantan’ soup is ready once the ‘wantans’ are floating As you can see here, the ‘wantans’ are all floating That means it’s ready So, I’m just going to scoop them up into a bowl So, you have the ‘wantan’ soup here For garnishing, just use some spring onions Now, you have a bowl of delicious ‘wantan’ soup If you love this recipe, remember to give me a thumbs up and also share it with your friends and family I would also love it if you could subscribe to my channel if you have not, for more videos like this Write to me in the comment section below or also on facebook and twitter I would love to see what you think Till then, happy cooking!


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