hello everyone you are welcome to today or this morning ASMR get rid of Stomach fat and loose weight super super super fast and guys today. it I will be taking only a tablespoon of these which a juice. this thing I’m going to take will help to get rid of stomach fats and help you to lose weight in no time, so within three to five day if you try this, you will see visible results, do you want to lose your weight? do you want to get rid of stomach fat? please continue watch what I need to prepare this, is Parsley leave okay, this is it and already I have it here. i will keep it, this is a tablespoon of parsley leave, I’ll keep it here and keep this one away. okay then the next one is papaya, you can make use of any type of fruits if you
don’t have papaya, you can use water melon, you can use Apple, you can use
carrots, this is it, I will be using the papaya to prepare smoothie and I also have or I need ginger. okay I need ginger for this, now what I
will do is to grab my cutting wooden tray or cutting tray, i just need a slice of
ginger and this is okay, okay so I’ll give two away, I’ll peel off the ginger back okay so friend this is it
this is okay, okay I will now slice it into small pieces, very small pieces I have finished slicing what I need is to blend. I have finished blending this is my papaya smoothie so what I’m going to do or the
next I will do is for me to add the sliced ginger into the papaya, you can
decide to blend the ginger with the papaya that’s perfect but I will just add it into the smoothie, I just want to get a little taste of the ginger, this is a perfect
drink in the morning so I’ll keep this away or aside and that’s the perfect, the first thing I’m going to do is to take my parsley leave, the next is
for me to grab my spoon and this is it. so I will measure the parsley leave, a
tablespoon is okay, okay then I will eat it Parsley is very low in calories but contains many essential nutrients, such as vitamins A, B, C and K and minerals iron and potassium. it will help to get rid of fat within three to five days if you just follow this particular mukbang This is good, friends apart from that Parsley leaves will help to get rid of stomach fat
this will also help to nourish your body the papaya is good in nourishing and has
vitamin C in it and ginger helps to to make you feel fuller for hours,
with this mukbang you will not feel like eating for the next five to ten
hours, for me, I’m not going eat for the next six to seven hours, I’m gonna try
this thing if you want to lose weight if you really want to get rid of stomach
fat and slim down you have to just do this for three to five days for you to
see results now after you finished losing weight and getting rid of stomach
fat you need to maintain it, that’s were this channel come here, so you need
to stay tuned, need to watch and do whatever I do or eat whatever I eat in
the morning and in the night for you to maintain that shape, if you do then you
will have permanent flat stomach and you slim down permanently, I will continue
drinking my smoothie hmm ginger is good, I love the taste of ginger, I am done. I’m gonna keep this aside so friend if you
love this give it a huge thumbs up. if you are scared of taking any
stomach fat remedy, for those who are scared of taking any stomach remedy just
come to my channel, watch them, that will help you or convince you that this is
actually good for your body. do you understand so this channel will help you to be able to eat those things that will help you to get rid of
stomach fat within a short period of time like three to five days or three to seven days in facts 3 to 15 days most time, this remedy is
very very good. this mukbang is good, it is an eating show for weight loss and getting rid of stomach fat, these are for those who don’t understand it and again friend each video is subtitle or translated
into 32 languages including English language so if you don’t understand what
I’m saying or English is not your main language just turn on the or go to the
same translation section or the three dots below yes click on it and for you to activate the
subtitle okay so guys if you loved it still give the huge thumbs up and join me,
join me if you have big stomach join me to get rid of it, big stomach is not something that you just do and it go away permanently, it is something that goes away and if you don’t control it or maintain it, it will still come back if you eat fats food, so join me to make it permanent, join me to nourish your body, do you want to look 2
years younger, do you want to look 5 years younger, 10 years 15,18, 20,21 do
you want? you have to join me to do this, join me because most of the things I do or eat on this channel, if you eat them you are going to look young, fresh, smooth and
supple, so join me to do it, I will see again in the next video, take care of yourself and alright.



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