Weight Watchers Weigh In Getting Back On Track | Plus BUILT BAR GIVEAWAY

hey friends we’re gonna freedom in a
budget I’m Kelly and to my weight watcher friends I apologize I’m sorry I
have been mi a and bi ma I do not mean Miami know I have been missing so I have
completely fallen off the bandwagon with Weight Watchers I’ll be honest
let’s we’re gonna have a real talk it’s gonna be raw but it’s me exciting I have
a giveaway and it’s gonna be fun so I have completely fallen off the bandwagon
I have gained about 5 pounds since my last weigh-in and I have just not cared
not tracked it’s been it’s been bad I don’t know what’s gotten into me I I’ve
been it’s just been bad I have been really focused on growing my business
and hitting my financial goals we are trying to save for a house right now so
we’re kind of in the process of looking for houses kind of just trying to grow
my business as much as I can I’m trying to do a lot of YouTube coaching and
people that have YouTube channels I’ve been doing a lot of money coaching and
that has been so much fun but it’s been time consuming and there’s times where
you know I get home from work and then I have to make a quick dinner and then I
have jump on coaching and mastermind calls in different things and I don’t
get done until 9 o’clock at night and then I go to bed and I have no time to
work out I’ve been working a lot of overtime which I used to go to the gym
during lunch and now I’m not going the gym because I’m trying to work overtime
and it’s just been it’s been a lot but my health is just kind of been it’s been
on the back burner and just something that I haven’t really focused on not
really cared about it’s it’s bad and I need to not do it
I have been you know passing by the mirror and not liking different angles
and when I’m editing and I’m like oh that is rough to look at so it’s just
been it’s been hard and I was talking with my girl Anita it should check
paddywhack and she just gave me the pep talk that I needed and just kind of
slapped me around a little bit and told me that I need to start getting back on
tracking and everything and you know it was what I needed and I really
do and I owe it to you guys I owe it to myself I loved accountability that you
guys bring so I am back I am back to my weigh-ins and even if I’m not doing
waiting videos I want to start doing plans on Instagram and making sure that
I’m staying accountable to you guys because my health is important and I
don’t want it to get you know to the backburner I just turned 30 a couple
weeks ago so I want to start my 30 off 30s off on a positive note I want to
start them off strong and not to see my weight creep up and up and up yes I do
have a smaller frame so I do you know I hold my weight well like I was talking
about one of my co-workers and I told her I’ve gained 20 pounds since my
wedding and I did get really small for my wedding and I’m you know backed up
and she was like really where do you hold it so I do hold my weight well it’s
evenly distributed but I’ve seen a big difference in my arms and my stomach’s
and my legs and I have cellulite I’ve never had cellulite on my legs and so
it’s you know it’s discouraging to see and so I want to start my 30 out 30s out
strong and you know have them you know really great years especially before I
have kids my parents are both very overweight and I come from a overweight
family so my genetics if I am NOT consciously watching my weight and
watching when I’m eating it’ll creep up and up and up and it’s just it sucks a
lot of people if they’re not watching they just kind of maintain that is not
the case for me I will creep up and up and up and very very easily so I had to
be very cautious and even just tracking different things like that
I just typically just maintain I have to work extra hard to lose so that is
something that I’m working through and I just want to be raw with you guys and
honest with you guys also I’m kind of in between smart points and I track bites I
did download I track bites but I haven’t done the full purchase yet I wanted to
do a recipe and you can’t do use the recipe builder without doing the full
version so just kind of going back and forth and so many people are seeing I
track bites and I’ve seen so much success with that but I don’t know if I
am ready to give up freestyle I know that freestyle is not working for a lot
of people right now but I also feel like right now I’m not
giving freestyle like my full attention I’m not tracking 100% I’m not measuring
100% so I can’t really disrespects ability that freestyle gives a lot of
people don’t like freestyle cuz it’s so flexible and it’s not Regt enough like
you can’t you can have chicken you can have fat-free yogurt you can of corn all
those things you’re not tracking and I like that I feel like if I have to start
tracking eggs and counting eggs I’m gonna be like whoa whoa whoa where’s my
flexibility but I am getting seven more points a day so it’s not like I’m having
you know three eggs everyday that would make up for us so I don’t know I’m kind
of torn with it let me know down below are you guys doing freestyle doing I
track bites or what part of I track bites are you doing if you are are you
doing smart points you’re doing points plus the original smart points let me
know I’m really interested to know for those that have switched over to I track
bites which version are you using because if I do I want to make sure that
I’m going to the right one I haven’t done it points plus before when I joined
Weight Watchers it was regular smart points and then it transitions into
freestyle maybe six months later so let me know I’m really interested to know
what you guys are doing what’s working for you alright bill by time I’ve got my
mix box here there are my built bars so I’m doing another giveaway to celebrate
me turning 30 to celebrate me coming back to weigh ins so I want to celebrate
with you guys this weigh-in will be or this giveaway will be up for two weeks
the giveaway prize is one a full-size mixed box of built bars you guys know I
love built bars so a couple of ways that you can enter the giveaway first way is
if you purchase a box with my link I will have it down below in the
description and use the code FIA B 2019 that’ll give you 10% off every box that
you purchase will give you five entries so if you buy three boxes that’s 15
entries one box five entries two bucks ten entries etc and if you don’t want to
purchase a box that’s okay there is another way to enter if you go
to my blog freedom in a budget comm and register for that on the email list that
would equal one entry so you can combine this you can do five entries by
purchasing a box one entry by registering for or one entry for
registering for the blog that would be equal to six entries so I will have all
of this up for two weeks and then I will let you know how who won and everything
like that so I would love for you to join the giveaway and I will also do
some other things in the box like some of my favorite things maybe a coffee mug
maybe some toffee and maybe some are their weight watcher foods or something
like that some seasoning like everything but the bagel seasoning or Jack’s
seasoning oh I’m gonna make it a big box and not just the built bar so built
large would just be the cherry on the top so it’ll be a really fun box and you
know a little card for me and different things so I love doing those giveaway
boxes so it’s gonna be a birthday slash coming back to Weight Watchers I don’t
know so two weeks it’ll be open let me know if you have any questions let me
know down below in the comments if you are entering the giveaway so let me know
if you got I can see the email addresses but it really helps make it easier for
me and tracking everything of how many points or how many entries each person
has if you comment down the below and be like hey I bought two boxes and so that
way I can just kind of match them up or hey I read a shirt on your blog as well
so I’ll be able to track emails but yeah so come back two weeks it’s gonna be so
much fun I’m excited it’s gonna be awesome and I will have my Wayne so I’m
gonna do not gonna come into weekly weigh-ins right now just because I cut
down my videos from five videos a week to three videos a week because you guys
have told me it’s too much content I don’t want to so holding these up it’s
too much content and it is just too much for you guys so I am cutting down to
three to four videos a week so it’s hard to get my wedding videos in or with all
the other videos that I’m putting out for you guys so yeah it’s it’s gonna be
fun let me know come back in two weeks I
will have an update hopefully I will be down one to two pounds I
I’m going to be hardcore I am so excited alright guys this was so much fun
I’m so excited let me know two things in the comments I’m gonna whine at which I
tracked by to use if you use I track bites or free so let me know what kind
of program you’re using to let me know how your way and wind how you guys are
doing are you up or down or discouraged are you encouraged what’s going on and
three how are you entering the giveaway let me know I would love it to hear and
track it and I’m so excited for the winner
I am already shopping for it I already have three things for the box so let me
know guys alright I will talk to later bye you


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