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hey guys and welcome back to my channel
today is another wedding and the day I get this video requested eight-ton from
you guys I like showing you guys what I eat you guys like seeing it so what kind
of work so so today I’m really excited to show you guys a couple of new meals
that I have been wanting to share and I fell like a what I need in a day is kind
of perfect to showcase them off so I’m gonna show you guys breakfast lunch and
dinner as usual a lot of you guys I do want to talk about this just a little
bit a lot of you guys asked me how come you don’t snack or what are snack ideas
I used to I guess be into snacks a little bit before I guess before monie
loss journey you do snack a little bit more because you’re like oh I want some
chips and no how about this no I bet you’d end up eating a full meal you
actually end up eating more than having a full meal I’m not really s snacker I
don’t have that many snacks there are some random moments where I’m like oh I
really want to snack but I don’t even know what I want because I’m not even
used to snacking if I really need like a piece of chocolate I have like a little
I like to show you guys so for example obviously this is not a healthy snack
but I’m just showing you guys an example when I want something sweet I just have
these little cubes Snickers this is really good for controlling when you are
on a calorie deficit I don’t really snack to be honest with you so there’s
two reasons why I’m not that big of a snapper number one I’m on a calorie
deficit I’m on a 1,300 calories so there isn’t much leeway unless they really
really make my a meal super tiny I don’t have a link for the calories that’s one
main reason why I don’t have snacks the other main reason is it’s just not
something that I crave I don’t cry snacks I’m like waiting for that next
meal I want the actual meal I’ve always been like that
as a can I my mom would put like snacks in my bag I never liked it everybody
else is having like through roll-ups and crackers and chips and I’m just like I’m
not feeling it like I’m waiting for the sandwich I’m waiting for my meal another
snack I may have when I have that random craving I do like to turn to fruit so
when I do snack I don’t want to go for the bad things all the time the Snickers
is just for when I’m desperate or when I’m having those cravings you don’t I’m
saying ladies I also have chocolate dark chocolate covered almonds that’s another
main snack I like to have sometimes so in these videos that’s why you guys
don’t see me snacking there’s just no room and I’m too
not a fan of snacks in general just to recap as I was saying I am on a thirteen
hundred calorie plan I like to consider it a lifestyle a lot of people like to
say diet I can’t stand that word to me a diet is so temporary it just like it’s
so fixed whereas when you say lifestyle you’re living it some people think that
the calorie deficit that I’m on is pretty low I think that it’s just
scientific facts you know if let’s say your TV is 1,800 calories you need to be
eating under that in order to lose weight you just do but I know for me
that this is just what works for me if you guys find it’s just too harsh what I
would do is maybe slowly go down or go a little bit above what you think you know
is your safe zone that’s what I would recommend I’ve tried so many different
things I’ve tried the eating 1600 calories I’ve tried the eating 1517 and
I do not move I do not lose weight that tells me that I need to lower it down
and I need to be a little bit more on a harsher calorie deficit because if your
body is not moving and weight based on the calendars they’re eating and how
much you’re working out and it’s not moving that means you are eating the
wrong amount of calories unless there’s a bigger medical issue that’s something
you need to look into if you have tried every single possible reason why you’re
not losing weight then I definitely would suggest to check up on that but in
a simple form if you are not losing weight based on how many calories you’re
eating it’s because you’re eating the wrong amount of calories it’s just a
fact I’ve tried so many different amounts of eating calories and this is
just the one that’s been working for me right now in the beginning I was working
out more so I was able to eat my 1500 calories now I’m working out a little
bit less so I have to lower down my calories a little bit that’s just how it
is I’ve tested it and I know for me for a
fact that that’s just what works for me just to kind of simplify it and make
sure if you guys are on the lifestyle that we are on you have to find out what
calories you should be eating per day make sure you guys check out and
calculate your tdee I will leave a link down below so that you guys can check
that out if you’re not counting the calories that you are consuming it’s
just very hard to lose the weight Michael Matthews talks about it a lot in
his book that we learned from Amy actually listen to his entire
book he has an audio book and also paperback if you guys are readers or
thing that you like to listen to it I also will leave that link down below
okay so let’s get to the meal I’m so excited to cook my breakfast for you
guys I love having eggs for breakfast it’s just what I’m into I’m not really
an oatmeal fan or I don’t really like to have anything else for breakfast really
one thing I want to share with you guys are these Lilydale
turkey breakfast sausages I am absolutely obsessed with these you guys
/ link it’s 35 calories so it’s super calorie friendly so when I saw these
that Sobeys by the ways where I found them I was just so excited I’m like oh
my god I can make breakfast with those these are the ones that I actually
replaced inside of my breakfast burrito instead of using like ground pork you
know oh my god the burrito has like just elevated to a different level
okay so I’m gonna do these for breakfast I’m gonna be doing two eggs and I’m also
gonna be serving it with a little bit of tomato on the side so I have leftover
sausages so I just put them inside a ziploc bag I want to waste these before
I waste my brand-new pop I want to show you guys a trick that I absolutely love
to use what I like to do is I like to split them in half so I just use my
knife split them down the middle here and then you just kind of butterfly them
what this does when I find especially here on a calorie deficit it makes you
feel like you’re eating a lot more and they are also a lot easier to cook we’re getting ready to flip let’s see if
I can do this that wasn’t so bad I actually like to turn off the oven as
soon as I flip it yay I’m actually gonna take this off the
stove it will cook the rest for me you know what time it is now it’s Coffee
time I’ve always grew up using instant coffee
my Starbucks TVM and if worth my unsweetened almond milk I’m just gonna
pop one of my whole-wheat bread inside of the toaster I’m so excited to eat this oh my god I
have to eat it up before it gets cold now it’s time for lunch for having a
chicken souvlaki dinner a very Greek inspired of course I would like no
frills actually I found this there and I’m like oh my god this would be such a
good lunch meal idea because I love chicken souvlaki
so I got this here it’s fine mark Angelo is the brand I’m sure they have I’ve
I’ve actually seen these at Sophie’s as well he doesn’t find this exact package
I’ve seen other packages having chicken souvlaki just not exactly this one so
what I loved about this package is when you open it it comes with tzatziki sauce
inside Siddiqui is one of my favorite sauces I always ask for extra and I
always make sure that they give me my sauce because I’m such a sauce girl I
love it so much if you only use one packet at 70 calories if use half a
packet it’s $35 so it’s not that bad so I’m gonna be using my Hamilton Beach
girl to grill up these chicken souvlaki kabob you guys know how much I love this
grill I am going to put it on 300 degrees the Tigers are so cool you can
cut off as many kabobs and then you can freeze the rest we’ll put the rest
inside the fridge for another day I’m going to be making a greek-inspired
salad with some tomatoes and cucumber and I love this I found this at all so
no frills I’m pretty sure most grocery stores have this brand it’s called a
patina come in little tiny cubes it’s perfect for someone who’s on a deficit
because it tells you what their Nutrition Facts said approximately five
cubes is eighty calories so you would know that if you have five cubes you’re
having 80 I don’t like to put too much cheese on my salads normally because I
know it’s so high in calories here’s our very simple salad you guys
it’s literally tomatoes with cucumbers now we’re going to put the feta over top
the other thing that I like to do is put a little bit of oregano on top in Greek
food oregano is very very popular and I’m only going to be using two cubes you
guys the trick I like to do is I like to put them in between two forks and it
kind of just strands it up for you I’m going to add a little tiny tiny splash
of apple cider vinegar it’s just to give a little bit of a sauce at the bottom
now we’re just going to mix it all up I love it to come right into my own salad
I love any Greek salad in general so this is just so easy and perfect so
that’s what I said it looks like you guys a very simple and very low-calorie
as well and you kind of get some veggies in it now we’re just going to check up
on your chicken you guys and we’re going to flip it over it’s probably gonna have
some gorgeous grill marks on it yes look at that I’m gonna put it up to a
350 and I’m also going to put on that side because that’s where the grill
marks needs to be done so while we’re waiting on our chicken I’m just going to
set up the rest of our plate I have here already pre-made rice I need to work
right this I seasoned it with salt garlic powder onion powder a little bit
of olive oil and tumeric so I have your my cute little sauce bowl that I got
from Ikea you guys I’m so obsessed with them and I’m just going to put half of
the tajiki package inside of there for my right I’m going to be having one cup
so I’m just putting it inside of this measuring cup here one cup of rice for
those of you who don’t know is the probably 200 calories depending on what
rice you’re using let’s check in with our chicken look at that now we’re ready
to serve up our plates I’m so excited to eat my lunch I’m so
happy with how it turned out I was actually craving something Greek so this
is like absolutely perfect for those of you who don’t know I drink about three
litres of water per day it’s very important if you were on a weight-loss
journey it’s just great for your skin it’s great for your body for those of
you who will find it hard to drink water what helped me is you have to get a
bigger bottle it’s constantly something that’s like staring at you in the face
saying you need to drink mate I used to start by drinking water bottles that
only have 500 milliliter inside of them but the problem like that was I would
drink it and I wouldn’t go get the next one so it would only end up drinking
like half a liter a day but I definitely would suggest for you guys to get a big
water bowl to start so now I’m gonna have my delicious lunch and I will catch
up with you guys at dinner time we’re back it’s dinner time we have about 400
in like 50 calories left so this is going to be perfect I’m actually gonna
eat my entire calories today we are going to be doing a burrito bull super
easy to make it’s such a good meal prep so I’m so excited to show you guys how I
kind of serve it as a burrito bowl we’re gonna be using the same tumeric grace we
had at lunch time that’s the beauty of a meal prep I just make a massive batch of
rice and I know that I can serve it with a ton different meals that’s another tip
I have for you guys so let’s get started with every noble and in a cup of rice we’re also gonna fill up the same cup
with our burrito mix love this recipe you guys because it is packed with
protein from the beans with a chicken they’re so delicious you guys with all
the flavor and the last thing we’re gonna be doing is we’re just gonna
sprinkle a ton of cilantro over top because I love cilantro and this dish is
very Mexican inspired so it’s just perfect how good is this burrito bowl
look if you don’t want to know how I made the burrito mix make sure you guys
check out this video a thumbs up for the full recipe so now we’ve eaten up all of
our calories for today we are at 1,300 calories so we made it I really really
like doing these videos you guys because I feel like you guys kind of know in a
way what I’m eating because I always show it on snapchat but I think it’s
really cool that I get to show you guys how I make it and how I kind of put it
together as you guys can tell I love a lot of cultural flavors today we had
Mexican and Greek so who knows what’s coming up next but I just love different
foods from different cultures I just want to remind you guys that weight loss
is such like sorry why do I do this it just means a lot to me when you guys
like reach out and just tell me like me and Amy have inspired you guys and stuff
like that it just feels good to help someone that’s all I’m trying to say
those of you who have had any sort of progress super proud of you and just
know that you are just doing something really good for yourself hopefully you
guys loved all of my recipes from today and learn something new make sure you
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you babes next time be getting when I started my okay now your blubbering can
you ask for anything lower for a piece of meat


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