Whose food will be released nationwide in Korea? [Star’s Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/2019.12.16]

I picked the dish that has the highest potential for expanding. Potential for expanding? Gyeonggyu, Gyeonggyu. (Huh?) You can dip it in chocolate and condensed milk. (Expandable dish developer) Is it me? The dish Chef Lee Wonil chose is? (Fun-chefs’ fierce competition) (with Korean wheat) Who is it? The dish is? (Lee Yeongja) (I did it) (Just as happy as winning the Entertainment Award) The winner is Lee Yeongja. Congratulations. (The moment she won the Entertainment Award) You did it! You did it, you did it. (As if he is the president of KBS) (She earned one vote) (She is so touched) I shouldn’t give up. Why? Because there are 3 more votes? There are 3 more votes. Let’s find out which dish Kim Jeonghun picked. I picked the dish with the degree of completion good enough to be launched tomorrow. Degree of completion. Gyu-va, Gyu-va. (Is he talking about me?) It’s complete. You can just dip it. You can launch it right away. Will Lee Yeongja win two votes in a row? Or will it be someone else? The dish Kim Jeonghun picked! The dish Kim Jeonghun picked! (Praying with his hands together) (Which dish did Kim Jeonghun pick?) Don Spike! Don’s pie! (Fun-Staurant’s new guest did an amazing job) (Disappointed) (There are two judges remaining) (Don Spike 1 : 1 Lee Yeongja) Lee Gyeonggyu, you look very disappointed. No, no. I expected this. There are two judges remaining. Whose face will we see there? I think there will be one more person. A new person? And one of the three will win one more vote and end up winning first place, I think. Let’s see if you’re right. Here’s the next person. Judge Lee Seungchul’s… (They are stirring at his name) Let’s see his choice. I focused on addictive quality and word-of-mouth. Word-of-mouth? Will one of the two earn one more vote? Or like Lee Gyeonggyu said, will it be someone else? The dish Lee Seungchul’s picked! Oh, please. The dish Lee Seungchul picked! (He is hopeful) (Tension is high in the air) One vote. (Double black bean noodles, Kim Nayeong) Oh, wow! I got a vote! (Happy seal clapping) (As if she won an Olympic gold medal) Oh, I got a vote! (Congrats) Sinu, mommy got a vote! Mommy got a vote! (Mommy, congratulations) Oh, wow! Nayeong, you don’t want things to blow out of scale. But it’s okay. Let’s go all the way. (It’s just 1 vote, as if her dish is being launched) Go nationwide! (Double black bean noodles earned one vote) Oh, wow. (While everyone is laughing and enjoying) (Nodding) I think there will be another person. A new person. A new person? Well? Just one vote. (Shaman Gyeonggyu was correct) (I was right) And I think one of the three will earn one more vote and end up winning first place. (One of the three will win first place) (Find out if Gyeonggyu’s prediction comes true) That was unexpected. The former first and second place winners, Lee Gyeonggyu and Jung Ilwoo didn’t get even a single vote. (The former first and second places both failed) This is why life is worth living. Only Chef Choi remains. Right, Chef Choi Hyunseok. In that case, you’re not going to win. (From deep inside his heart) Why not? He said he failed. (Sorry, sorry) We’re going to find out what Chef Choi picked. If Lee Gyeonggyu or Jung Ilwoo or Jin Seyun gets a vote, we will have a discussion. Here is the dish Chef Choi Hyunseok chose. (Thinking) It was delicious. It was delicious? Yes, that’s the correct answer. Nice. The dish Chef Choi Hyunseok picked is? No, no. (Don Spike is desperate) (Getting nervous) His choice is? (Which dish did Chef Choi pick?) (Incredible) (Reaction that was never before seen) (Who is the winner?) (Don Spike) (Fun-Staurant second dish, Don’s pie) (They accept the result) (Shaman Gyeonggyu was 100% correct) (He is so happy he jumped up to the stage) Where are you going? Where are you going? (Rushing over) (A hug of joy) (He seems afraid) I accept it. Now I know how you felt last week. (Hahaha) Fun-Staurant’s second dish to be launched is Don Spike’s Don’s pie. Congratulations. (Don Spike’s victory) Congratulations. Thank you. (Fun-Staurant’s trophy, Golden Box) (Hoping for Korean wheat’s prosperity) Compared to imported wheat, Korean wheat is about three times more expensive, so I’m concerned about the pricing. But we will do our best in that part. But most importantly, we chose this theme to help the Korean wheat farmers. So we will try to make this product in a way we can help the farmers of Korean wheat. The winner of tonight’s show, Don’s pie by Don Spike will be available starting tomorrow at convenience stores nationwide. Let’s go have a team dinner. (Proceeds will be donated to undernourished children)


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