Why Plant Based Diet Doesn’t Work For Everyone-Dr Greger

Why Plant Based Diet Doesn’t Work For Everyone-Dr Greger

In the last year or so we’ve seen many vegans
abandoning a vegan diet because of digestive issues. Many have understandably been asking therefore
if a vegan diet is so healthy why do so many run into gut issues?”. Well when you look into many of these ex vegan
stories most say they had bad digestion or failing health prior to a plant based diet
but that this diet made them worse. More often than not many suffering from digestive
problems may actually have something called Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth. For those suffering with SIBO foods that contain
oxalates, salicylates and histamines are going to be a huge problem for those people until
the SIBO is dealt with. Just look at this list of foods high in salicylates,
histamines, and oxalates which make up a huge part of a plant based diet. Now you can see why a Carnivore diet will
temporarily relieve symptoms because you’re removing foods such as beans, spinach, nuts,
berries etc but is doing nothing to address the underlying problem and you are setting
yourself up for serious health problem down the road on a carnivore diet. Dr Greger has found that 1 in a hundred people
have celiac disease, 1 in a thousand have a wheat allergy, roughly 1 in a hundred have
a gluten sensitivity and 1 in 20 have a nightshade sensitivity. So you can see how for those people who are
unaware of their sensitivities going on a plant based diet filled with whole wheat pasta,
oats, bread, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant etc will make them feel worse. So now let’s hear more from Dr Greger as
he answers the question why does a plant based diet not work for everyone. This clip comes from a fantastic interview
with Guilt Free Tv. Make sure to head over to his channel to watch
the interview in full the link is in the description below. [Dr Greger] Look anecdotes even through published
case reports in medical literature its all about the science you saying I feel great
is someone else my uncle lived to be 110 smoking cigarettes everyday therefore smoking is fine. Well smoking is fine for them but if you look
at the actual science smoking on average is really bad cuts 8 years of your life and increases
risk blah blah blah we know that right. So you know it’s just like wearing a seat
belt won’t guarantee you’re not going to die in a car crash. Right someone could say I knew someone who
wore their seat belt and died in a car crash but yeah that’s not an argument against
wearing a seat belt because we know that it reduces our risk and that’s why we do it
and the same thing with a healthy diet! No guarantee that you’re not going to get
cancer or diabetes or whatever but it dramatically reduces your risk. Just like 1 in 10 get lung cancer have never
smoked in their lives and so you look at the science you look at the best available balance
of evidence and you say this is the diet that is most likely to improve my health and longevity
period. Now it’s great to have that inner, you know
we hear about all the data it’s nice to have that personal experience and that’s’
why I encourage people look give it a couple of weeks like the 21 day kick start program
from the physicians committee for responsible medicine and again it’s just like well give
it a couple of weeks. Give it 3 weeks give it a try you never know
how good you’ll feel until you try it and even if you’re healthy, even if you’re
not battling some disease so you’re getting lab work before and after cause then we can
really show you what the diet can do even if you’re healthy, people all the time come
back to me say “oh my gosh I had no idea, I thought I was healthy but I just thought
it was normal to have an upset stomach after meals but all of a sudden their digestion
is better, all of a sudden their sleep is better and their energy is better and so then
they have the internal motivation to stick with it to get those long term benefits like
reducing their risk of most of our top leading killer diseases. Now having said all that if you personally
don’t experience that then you have to figure out why and so we have to say ok you’re
cutting out all that junk what are you replacing it with? So for example it’s rare but about 1 in
250 people or so maybe 1 in 500 have a soy allergy for example right but they had never
eaten a soybean in their life but now all of a sudden they start eating plant based
and suddenly they eat like soy based versions of everything. So all of a sudden you’re getting all this
soy and little did they know their whole lives they’ve really been allergic to soy and
all of a sudden they feel horrible and they’re like “wow when I stopped eating my burger
I felt horrible so obviously the burger was awesome”. It’s like people going on this carnivore
diet where you just eat meat. I mean if you had celiac disease or you were
allergic to citrus for example and you just ate meat and all of sudden you feel so much
better it’s not the meat it’s because little did you know you’re just intolerant
to x, y, z. But we can certainly get at that so you can
have the best of both worlds a healthy diet that’s going to actually improve your health
and longevity.


39 thoughts on “Why Plant Based Diet Doesn’t Work For Everyone-Dr Greger”

  • Purple Vegan Lady says:

    They are giving up the vegan diet because these people are whackos who go on extreme diets, like 35 a day water fast, drink their own urine, or eat fruit only, all raw or whatever. They need the Daily Dozen app.

  • You also overestimate a bit anecdotal story of really peculiar youtuber(not all vegans). People digest well in general( plant based or not), health longterm is another story though.

  • if i eat starches i notice how my vision gets gradually worse
    and no this is not in the context of a savage vegan diet – its in the context of a whole food organic (raw) vegan diet with 0% added shit, 100% selfprepared 0% packaged foods
    i dont want to look like greggy so i dont eat starches, ez fix

  • Surprise surprise that not eating or drinking water but only your own piss isn't a healthy diet! Although tbh I'm glad Tim Shieff isn't a vegan anymore as he was a moronic egotist who spread dangerous pseudoscience

  • As with ANY diet, most people have some foods/drink they can't handle well. That list is expanding for everyone as our world is becoming more and more toxic. We must be on detox foods daily.

  • More often that not, these are people who are switching diets every 6 months, looking for a miracle cure. It tends go get more publicity when they stop being vegan…

  • I don't believe plant based isn't for everyone.. it's just the natural way to eat. Do you see some lions have a meat sensitivity? These people fell off for other reasons.. vegan junk foods nonfoods over juicing powders potions..

  • Minimalist Vegan says:

    A whole food diet is the best no proccesing except for frozen, ground, dried or brewed and no heating only foods that need to get cooked.

  • SIBO really is a pesky thing! It can have your gut going from completely flat, to looking pregnant by the end of the day. I've managed mine with a combination of spices in herbal tea ( cloves, black pepper, cardamon), taking berberine HCL with meals, adding spices (black seed, cumin fennel) to my daily beans. Buying organic beans and grains to avoid the potential of crop dessication harvest with Round Up. Limiting wheat and gluten to the rare festive social occasions where it can't be avoided.

    Thanks PBL, for the reminder that there can be some legit causes for people abandoning a WFPB diet… and that it's best to treat the cause, rather than abandoning the diet altogether. ๐ŸŒฑ

  • I find it really weird that there are people who can't tolerate any plant foods at all and only feel good eating a diet of 100% animal foods. I feel wonderful with just about every plant food except for large amounts of nuts or seeds. Those are the only plant foods that I feel better without. I would feel so sick eating nothing but meat and eggs that if I was forced to choose between eating that way or going to jail, I would have to go to jail. I wouldn't have a choice.

  • Vegans?you mean vegan woowoo conspiracy believing extended fasting juicing only idiots. On and those who drink their own pee. Serious vegans donโ€™t give up.

  • mike donnarumma says:

    most people [ in my experience ] who drop this diet haven't done their research, or cant bare to leave their addiction behind

  • panos karanasios says:

    ….I think that if your daily food is 70% raw( fruits, salads, nuts etch) and only 30% cooked food, and if you eat according to your blood type you will have nothing to worry about your health

  • I was eating a lot of rye bread and my guts were bad ..Gave that up and I feel fine again I'm a new vegan and my symptoms were bad for about a month I'm now into month 3 I've slipped a couple of times and had a slice of cheese and a little milk in my coffee but its early days and I wont crucify myself with guilt I used to eat a lot of chicken and eggs but once I saw those videos on the suffering it's worth the trials …We have to learn what our body's are comfortable with and nearly 46 years of eating meat and dairy it's going to take your body and mind a little time to get to grips with things but it's already so worth it.

  • I have SIBO results back but don't understand it. I took part in research for curcumin on gut health but had to stop due to antibiotics.
    Does anyone know why hydrogen and methane levels are borderline but combined are positive?
    Gonna have to find a specialist. My GP didn't know what SIBO was.

  • I don't understand the mindset of a person who's diet isn't working for them, so they try another diet that doesn't work for them, so they go back to their first diet. Fine tune it, people! Plant-based is great!

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  • veganism is an unhealthy diet… sibo, candida ectโ€ฆ have nothing to do with it… and btw, these issues are rarely ever brought up outside of veganism ( where it is brought up constantly, because veganism leads to a host of gut disorders)
    And no, these people weren't suffering from gut disorders prior with the exception of vegetable police, and they resort to ''extremes'' because their health deteriorates while on the vegan diet. This is very disingenuous, typical of vegans these days.

  • This makes a lot of sense but you have to know your body. Unfortunately most of the people who claim that plant based eating isn't healthy or bad for them, are out of touch with their body.

  • I can tell you my story when i was eating steamed brocolli believe it or not due to SIBO problem i couldnt digest that food and my tummy was badly bloated….however i am huge fan of vegetables and fruits and then again i respect all god creation ment to be eaten….plants are also living thing they breath like us…if we pluck them from their roots it hurts them as well…dont forget that.

  • Dr. Nadir Ali, inverventional cardiologist: https://youtu.be/jHPbG_Ilu7Q

    Functions of LDL cholesterol Lipid Seminar in Clear Lake 2018: https://youtu.be/AbVEM-XcoLM

    Homeostatic regulation of LDL, Dr. Nadir Ali: https://youtu.be/EKDBLy_cXOE

    Conventional dieting left me obese, in pain and miserable: https://youtu.be/_jkMxzBBkBU

    Dr. Nadir Ali, The Paradox of insulin resistance and LDL cholesterol: https://youtu.be/1szD5Oo97Dw

    Sally Norton, Hidden plant toxins in many keto foods, Oxalates: https://youtu.be/LSMZ6erI61M

    Plant Toxins, Oxalates, Chapter 1: https://youtu.be/j3TT0N0eXwo

    Is Oxalate destroying your gut? Candida, dysbiosis, leaky gut: https://youtu.be/NFrAJdvieCk

    MTHFR and Oxalates, understanding the gut kidney axis: https://youtu.be/yPwqoi87lQs

    Frustrated response to Game Changers, God Help us All, Tom Delaur: https://youtu.be/xERfacShcJ4

    Georgia Ede, Histamine Intolerance: https://youtu.be/3mZuar6gwM8

    Chriss A. Knobbe, Omega Six Apocalypse, From Heart Disease to Cancer and Macular Degeneration: https://youtu.be/pHnPinYI2Yc

    Dr. Nadir Ali M.D. Cardiologist on the benefits of LDL cholesterol: https://youtu.be/fX5rJ-TaTWE

  • Linda van Kollenburg says:

    The carnivore diet is te best diet to go with…period. Meat is almost 1:1 compatible with our own physiology. Meat is build up from the same building stones we are, so meat is better digested the cellulose on plants. I know this is a pro vegan channel, but you are lying…don't!

  • Jennifer Flower says:

    He just gave the reason why people feel better temporarily on a plant based diet as well. They get rid of all the processed crap they've been eating that they could be reacting to on a regular diet they grew up with.

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